A Family That Eats Together…Really Knows Each Other.


Dinnertime has always been the best time to bond as a family and make lasting memories. Children learn best through observation and experience, and what better way to connect with them than over a delicious meal?


Consciously carving out time to sit and eat dinner with your family will give you a chance to become reacquainted over and over again. As you sit down to face one another, sharing laughter and conversation, you’ll find that all it takes to experience closeness is a planned experience…and what’s a better bonding experience than nourishing yourself and your loved ones with a delectable meal?


It’s been tested and result show that children who eat dinner with their families are proven to have stronger bonds, better communication, better focus in school, and healthier habits over all!

Interestingly, eating with your loved ones inspires learning something new about one another.


“What’s that little Timmy?  You got your first crush in your 3rd grade class?  That’s amazing!  What does she do for a living? 🙂 


“Yes, Jessie, I understand prom is coming up, let’s go over all the details and some ground rules, especially regarding the “after party.” 


“Honey I think I’m ready to quit my job and open up a business.  What do you think?  Babe, honey, honey…you look like you’re about to faint…? 🙂 ” 


“I’m pregnant…Babe, honey honey…you look like you’re about to faint…again?  🙂 


You see the conversation can get quite interesting…some funny, some shocking and some just good ole fashion great news.  So, whether you got a promotion, want a tattoo, scored a hundred on a test, need a new podiatrist, dealing with a potential bullying problem at school, new job, whatever…share over a good meal in a great family atmosphere.


The Pantry RVC (diner) is a family-owned business and everyone at the Pantry values good food, great surroundings and especially the concept of “Family Time”.  So, come have dinner with us at The Pantry RVC (525 Merrick Road, Rockville Centre)


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