The Ladies of Comedy

Laugh, Laugh and Laugh Harder…that’ll be easy on March 28.  Dinner available at 7:00.  Show start at 9:00pm.

$20 cover charge

Get ready to laugh the night away!  We love Women’s History Month

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A Young Songstress

This Saturday, meet Kennedy Campbell, an amazing singer who was sooooo close to becoming a contestant on American Idol, a Miss Teen National Talent Winner and a philanthropist who has the vocal cords to belt out Jazz, R&B and Soul.  She’s not only beautiful but she’s talented.

See you this Saturday, doors open at 7:00 for dinner, performance at 9:00pm.  $20 cover charge to watch the performance, FREE admission if you’re having dinner with us between 7 and 9:00.  #WomensHistoryMonth

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We c an’t wait to see you



Comedy Night

Back by popular demand, we’re bringing back our comedy nights!  Get ready to laugh the night away at The Pantry Comedy Night, Saturday, February 8.  Door open at 7:00 for Dinner. Admission is $59 which includes a delicious 3 course dinner. Show starts at 9:00.  Tap this link to make your reservation:

Sabrina the R&B Singer

Friday Nights Dinner and Music at The Pantry RVC…
Drew Hill
Friday, January 17, 2020
See You There!

Drew the Piano Man

Friday Nights Dinner and Music at The Pantry RVC…
Drew Hill
Friday, January 24, 2020
See You There!

Pauli the guitarist

Friday Nights Dinner and Music at The Pantry RVC…
Pauli Di Dio
Friday, January 31, 2020
See You There!

How much do you really know about each other?

A Family That Eats Together…Really Knows Each Other.


Dinnertime has always been the best time to bond as a family and make lasting memories. Children learn best through observation and experience, and what better way to connect with them than over a delicious meal?


Consciously carving out time to sit and eat dinner with your family will give you a chance to become reacquainted over and over again. As you sit down to face one another, sharing laughter and conversation, you’ll find that all it takes to experience closeness is a planned experience…and what’s a better bonding experience than nourishing yourself and your loved ones with a delectable meal?


It’s been tested and result show that children who eat dinner with their families are proven to have stronger bonds, better communication, better focus in school, and healthier habits over all!

Interestingly, eating with your loved ones inspires learning something new about one another.


“What’s that little Timmy?  You got your first crush in your 3rd grade class?  That’s amazing!  What does she do for a living? 🙂 


“Yes, Jessie, I understand prom is coming up, let’s go over all the details and some ground rules, especially regarding the “after party.” 


“Honey I think I’m ready to quit my job and open up a business.  What do you think?  Babe, honey, honey…you look like you’re about to faint…? 🙂 ” 


“I’m pregnant…Babe, honey honey…you look like you’re about to faint…again?  🙂 


You see the conversation can get quite interesting…some funny, some shocking and some just good ole fashion great news.  So, whether you got a promotion, want a tattoo, scored a hundred on a test, need a new podiatrist, dealing with a potential bullying problem at school, new job, whatever…share over a good meal in a great family atmosphere.


The Pantry RVC (diner) is a family-owned business and everyone at the Pantry values good food, great surroundings and especially the concept of “Family Time”.  So, come have dinner with us at The Pantry RVC (525 Merrick Road, Rockville Centre)


Appetizing Tunes

“Food is music to the body…music is food to the heart.”  And that’s one of the many inclusions to the new Pantry RVC experience.  The Pantry is passionate about curating an experience that combines music to accompany and enhance your meal. As you walk into the Pantry one usually hears a variety of music floating in through the built-in diner speakers.  It’s purposely done to allow you to experience all your senses…

SEE the newly renovated restaurant, the beautiful guests, and the kind staff,

SMELL the aroma of delicious food wafting through the air as we serve you,

TOUCH the meal that you choose to order from our carefully crafted menu,

TASTE our mouthwatering meals prepared by our highly educated, skilled, and refined chef and his team,

…and lastly

…and HEAR the music selection we chose for you. 

 But wait, we’ve taken it to another level.  Every week we will be showcasing a talented singer, band, group, music artist of all kinds and any genre right here at The Pantry RVC.  Both music and food bring joy to the soul, so why not enjoy them together? We believe that our carefully crafted meals, in combination with the delicious melodies of our featured singers or bands hosting the evening will bring the ultimate joy by the dual-experience.  Who knows, one of our talented artist just may be the next American Idol.

Stay connected to find out what’s new at The Pantry!


Pantry RVC’s – Moscow Mule Monday’s

Was it originated in Moscow?  What does a Mule have to do with it?  Here’s a better question – Who Cares?

After a couple of sips of this vodka, ginger beer, lime concoction made by the creative hands of our Pantry RVC bartenders, you just want give a_____.

Then there’s the copper mug…why…better yet….why not?  It seems the Moscow Mule is for the bold and rebellious individual.  Every drink doesn’t have to come in a glass nor does it have to be shaken nor stirred.  This Monday stop by Bar 525 (The Pantry RVC bar) and order yourself a temptingly delicious Moscow Mule during happy hour (4pm – 7pm) and tell us what you think.  If you tell us the full recipe in Russian, you get a FREE Moscow Mule.