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Welcome back!

It has been a while since our doors were open and so very much has changed. What started out as a rush to rebuild after the fire turned into a massive undertaking, a complete rebuild of the Pantry inside and out. Aside from the physical, we spent the past few years re-thinking everything about our business and we are proud to share the result with you.


A little history…

Our family has been directly involved in Pantry since 1949. What started out as a “dining car” style diner with seating of about forty, the diner has evolved into the restaurant that it is today with a capacity of over 200 people. Through two expansions and numerous renovations including this most recent one, the Pantry has continued its proud tradition of being a place for family and friends to meet and spend a little quality time together.


We’ve seen many beautiful times shared in our restaurant, from bridal to baby showers, birthdays to anniversaries, and first dates to engagements. We’ve even closed and rented out the entire restaurant for surprise parties where people could spend the most important times of their lives with friends and loved ones.


Celebrating now our 69th year in business, our family continues the traditions of the business while constantly pushing the boundaries of what a diner traditionally is and what it could be. This latest transformation is perhaps our boldest yet but we are extremely proud of what we have done. While the looks may have changed and the menu rethought, at heart, the Pantry remains the same as ever.


Service, evolved.

One of the goals of the new Pantry was to find a way to provide a better working environment for all of our employees. By eliminating tipping we have given our staff a stable, consistent income that they can count on day after day and week after week. We truly believe that it will create a better working environment for everyone and that improved service will be one of the benefits of it. We place high expectations on ourselves and our team as we always have and expect excellence as the norm, not the exception. Our promise to you is that we will continually work together to give you the best total service that we possibly can. 

UPDATE: Due to customer request we have returned to a traditional tipping establishment. We are sorry for any confusion this has caused over the past few months.


One more thing…

We have built the new Pantry for the community as much as for ourselves. For your convenience there are outlets available at each booth, under the bar and scattered throughout the rear dining room. WIFI is available throughout the building and our rear dining room is also available for meetings, parties and other events.


As always, we thank you greatly for your patronage and continued support and look forward to the next many many years! And finally, a quick thank you to all those who worked tirelessly on and helped create the building you see today. It was a long, demanding project but we love the results and can’t say thank you enough to all.

Pantry RVC

A message from our Chef

We believe highly in scratch cooking using only the very best, natural ingredients and we have composed our dishes in an effort to satisfy all tastes. We understand though that not everyone has the same palate so if you are ever not satisfied with your dish please let one of our team members know. We appreciate the effort you have made in choosing to dine with us and will do our very best to fulfill your wishes.


We also are very sensitive to food allergies and dietary restrictions. We can not, however, guarantee a gluten free or nut allergy free environment due to the size and nature of our business and that all of our raw ingredients were produced in such facilities. Please do let us know in advance if you are affected by such things.



Executive Chef: Scott Burfitt

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Panyry RVC 525 Merrick Road Rockville Centre, NY